Master Composter/Recycler Workshops

Why waste a good thing?  Turn a liability into an asset by recycling organic waste to make a rich soil amendment. Learn the basics of enriching the earth and keeping good stuff out of the landfill at a composting or vermicomposting workshop!

Visit our “how to compost” page for some instructional resources. Or take one of our workshops listed below.

Registration for the spring workshop series is open! Click HERE to register for a workshop.


Celebrate Earth Day Green Cleaning Workshop – $20 materials fee. Registration required.

Want to green your spring cleaning?  This workshop will show you how to make non-toxic household cleansers.  You will go home with a green cleaning kit, plus ideas and cleaning recipes that will help keep your home clean and your family, pets, and waterways healthier. Fee for cleaning kit.

Date: Saturday, April 26,  Time: 10 a.m. – noon  Location: Columbia Springs, Swift Classroom

Backyard Composting –  FREE.  Registration required.

Want to begin composting your yard and some of your kitchen waste? This two hour workshop will get you started building soil health in your own backyard. Join us for an introduction to the science of composting and a visit to a composting demonstration site to view composting bins and systems.

Date: Saturday, May 17,  Time: 10 a.m. – noon  Location: Columbia Springs, Swift Classroom

Date: Saturday, June 21,  Time: 10 a.m. – noon  Location: C.A.S.E.E., Brush Prairie

Intro to Vermicomposting – Registration and fee for day-long expo required

Don’t let those food scraps go to waste!  Learn how you can use red worms to reduce your waste while creating a nutrient rich organic fertilizer to give your garden a healthy boost.  Get tips on creating a vermicompost bin and caring for these special worms.

Date: Saturday, April 5   Time: 12:30 p.m.

Location: This class will be held as part of the Small Acreage Expo 2014, at the 78th Street Heritage Farm, Vancouver, WA. This day-long expo for those who live on acreage in Clark County offers a choice of 13 fun and valuable classes throughout the day. Here is a class schedule and link to register.

Family Wormshop – $35 Materials fee. Pre-registration required.

Squiggly fun for the whole family. Learn the care and feeding of red worms and discover how they can help you turn fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen into food for your garden or houseplants. Children should be at least five years of age to participate. Participants receive a worm bin and red worms to take home. Information is free, if you don’t want a bin and worms you can come for free!

Date: Thursday, May 22    Time: 6 – 8 p.m. Location: Columbia Springs, Swift Classroom

Date: Saturday, June 28,  Time: 10 a.m. – noon  LocationC.A.S.E.E., Brush Prairie

Lasagna Gardening – FREE. No registration required.

Lasagna gardening is an easy way to create a new garden bed without digging or tilling. It is a way to compost that can recycle organic materials such as cardboard, grass clippings, dried leaves, sticks, newspaper, coffee grounds, and other organic resources to make a new garden bed. Discover the basics of how to make a no-dig, no till lasagna garden at this free hands-on demonstration led by a Master Composter/Recycler.

Date: Friday, April 25     Time:  12:30 p.m.- 1:15

Location: This free short class and demonstration will be held at the Home and Garden Idea Fair at Clark County Fairgrounds in the Exhibition Hall.  Admission to the event is free, and there is a free shuttle bus to the fairgrounds.


Want to learn more about all things sustainable and join our community of Master Composter/Recyclers who are helping to make a better world?  Apply for our annual training cohort. The Master Composter/Recycler class of 2014 is full and in session but you can apply now for the 2015 Master Composter/Recycler training.

Master Composter/Recycler workshops are sponsored by Clark County Environmental Services.

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Master Composter/Recycler Workshops are sponsored by Clark County Environmental Services.

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