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Kids Fishing Festival

Kids Fishing Festival in 2021 is canceled  to help keep our community safe. We hope to see you at the event in 2022! contact our event & Communication coordinator with any questions.

Kids Fishing Festival

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Kids Fishing Festival
Is the "fishing for kids ages 5-14 only" enforced? I have a little one who very badly wants to fish!

We only allow kids in that age range to fish for safety and liability reasons. We want to be fair, so we do enforce the 5-14 age range rule. Only registered kids ages 5-14 are allowed on the docks, no siblings or parents

What do I need to bring?

We will provide all fishing equipment, including poles, lines, and baits.

Feel free to bring your own cooler to bring your fish home. We will give you your fish in a zip lock bag with ice, but if you plan to hang around after fishing, you may want your own cooler.

 Be prepared to be outside all day! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather. Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. We will have hydration stations where you can fill it up.

Where does the Kids Fishing Festival take place?

The festival is held on our 100-acre natural area located at 12208 SE Evergreen Hwy, Vancouver, WA 98683.

 There will be plenty of signs the day of the festival to show you where to park and where to register. We will send a map to all participants along with any additional information you should know before the festival. 

The event is 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. but I had to register for a specific hour to fish. What does this mean?

You can arrive at the festival anytime after 8 a.m. to enjoy the activities, walk around the grounds, and enjoy lunch (BBQ opens at 10 a.m.). The time you sign up for is the hour your kid can line up to fish. Your child will be able to work with a fishing mentor for about 10 minutes during the hour that you sign up for.

I think my child might be freaked out by fish blood and guts. Can you hide the fish cleaning station? Can they practice catch and release?

If you think that it may be inappropriate for your child to watch the fish cleaning, you can choose to steer them away from that area. We cannot do catch and release fishing because it is inhumane to the fish.

We’re scientists here at Columbia Springs – our staff and volunteers at the fish cleaning station treat their job like a scientific dissection; they use the opportunity to teach kids about anatomy and biology!

So my kid catches a fish and we take it to the fish cleaning station to get it prepped for cooking - but I've never cooked trout before. What do I do?

Have no fear! We will send you home with an easy to make trout recipe card!

If only kids ages 5-14 can fish, why do I have to pay the event fee for anyone in my party who is over age 2?

Good question! There are a lot of costs that go into making this event possible; the registration fees help us cover some of those costs. For example, we need to feed our volunteers, pay our staff to lead activities, buy activity and craft materials, order extra garbage pick-up and more. While your child between the ages of 2 and 5 might not get to fish, they get lunch, activities, crafts and much more!

What is served at the BBQ lunch? Do you have options for those with dietary restrictions?

The BBQ is facilitated by a local labor union, the ILWU – they provide the food and volunteers to staff the BBQ. They will serve hotdogs, cookies, chips, beverages and fresh fruit. You can make some special requests to meet you and your child’s dietary needs, such as requesting that your hotdog is not served on a bun or you can request a veggie burger. You can also choose to partake in part of the meal that comes with your ticket, i.e. you can still get fresh fruit even if you choose not to get a hotdog. Because of the diverse array of special requests, we are limited to the accommodations described above. If you choose not to participate in the BBQ but registered at $7 per person, we cannot issue refunds or discounts. Each person is only allowed through the BBQ line once.

Do you take walk-ins?

We are unable to accept walk-in fishers because of the popularity of the event. There is a chance a time slot will open up if a registered participant does not show up, but in the past we have had dozens more walk-in’s than we were able to accommodate. As an adult or child who is not interested in fishing, you can come to the event without pre-registering. The ticket price is $10 per person “at the door” as opposed to $7 per person when you register online before the event.

What is the hour reserved for children with disabilities? Can all of my children fish with my child with disabilities during that hour?

The last hour of the day, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., is reserved for children with disabilities to be able to fish. Parents and/or aids for these children are allowed on the dock to assist with any complications our fishing mentors may not be prepared for. If you have multiple children attending the festival and one of them has a disability, please contact the Kayla, the Event Coordinator, at and she will let you know if there are enough available slots for you to be able to sign your whole family up together during the last hour of the event. We want your family to be able to enjoy the festival together!