Please note: The Vancouver Trout Hatchery, along with all other Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife hatcheries are currently closed to the public. Thank you for helping us keep our hatchery workers and fish healthy!

The Vancouver Trout Hatchery was built at this location in 1938 for a very specific reason: Spring water bubbling up at the base of the Columbia Slope provides a constant supply of cold, clean water that’s ideal for raising trout and salmon. Like most hatcheries, the trout and steelhead raised here are planted in local waterways to provide recreational fishing opportunities. The Vancouver Trout Hatchery at Columbia Springs is also part of WDFW’s endangered Chum salmon program. Broodstock for this program comes from a critical spawning area for Chum located adjacent to the Columbia Grove property that Columbia Springs manages.


Learning about the unique history, hydrology, and hatchery operations at Columbia Springs can help visitors make more meaningful connections with our site. Tours are given on the second Wednesday of the month, April to October at 5:30 p.m.; please contact our Volunteer Manager to learn more.

Hatchery Facts

History of the Vancouver Trout Hatchery (click a photo to enlarge)

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Development in nearby areas has decreased natural water flow to the hatchery by 80-90%