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ReLit, our upcycled lighting festival, showcases the connection between environmental education and the footprint of the everyday “stuff” we all have. Giving extended life to unrepairable items is full circle stewardship and preserves the natural resources used to create them. 

How it Works

ReLit Festival and Silent Auction: August 19th – September 10th

To access the self guided lamp tour, download the Geocaching Adventure Lab app and search for “ReLit walking tour” or simply visit Columbia Springs and look for the lamps in the windows of our buildings. 

August 19th – September 3rd: Lamps showcased in downtown Vancouver shop windows

September 4th – September 10th: Lamps showcased in Columbia Springs’ building windows

Silent auction closes at 5:00 PM on September 10th.

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Are you interested in becoming an event sponsor or creating a lamp to include in our display?

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