Columbia Springs’ Volunteer Program has grown by leaps and bounds in 2018 with the number of volunteers, hours served, and the number of projects completed. One of our favorite and most helpful projects was the Wetland Docks improvements. Engineers from Hewlett Packard and our Property Committee Chair, Scott Brattebo, made this amazing site upgrade possible.


The Wetland Docks are the site of our Macro-Invertebrates Learning Station which is visited by over 6,000 children every year. Students and adults learn about how water quality can be determined by what kinds of water critters are able to live in the wetland. Some organisms are pollution-tolerant and some are not. Students learn how to identify the difference and relate it to our water quality at this station.


Before Hewlett Packard and Scott rebuilt the decking on the docks, people who use wheelchairs were not able to get onto them. After the re-building of the decking, all people can now have access the docks, empowering them to fully participate in this Learning Station.


Thanks so much to Scott and the good folks at Hewlett Packard for making this possible!


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