We are so excited to participate in this community-wide day of charitable giving! This blog post is a little long, but we wanted to answer all of the most frequently asked questions about this event and Columbia Springs’ participation.

What is “Give More 24!”?

In short, it’s a 24-hour period where residents of Southwest Washington are encouraged to donate to local nonprofit organizations via the give-more-24.org website. Click here for the detailed description of the event, courtesy of hosts The Community Foundation.

Why should you give during this 24-hour period?

Give More 24 is about empowering smaller donors. Local businesses have come together to create a pot of money that is shared between all of the participating nonprofits, based on what portion of the total funds raised during the event were specifically donated to that nonprofit. Businesses have also donated prize money that is awarded throughout the day based on several competitions, such as which nonprofit can get the most donations during the lunch hour. You can view all of the prizes, and learn more about how it works, here.

When is Give More 24?

From midnight to midnight on Thursday, September 22nd

Why is Columbia Springs participating?

We set records in all of our programs this year, and have had to turn interested folks away from our events because demand for our programs is outpacing our resources. We need to raise funds in order to better support our staff, maintain and improve our site, increase program offerings, and hire more staff to host events so that we can welcome everyone who wants to participate.

What’s Columbia Springs’ goal during this event?

It would really warm our hearts to see our friends, those who have participated in our programs including teachers, chaperones, volunteers, daily trail-walkers, etc. each give anywhere from the minimum $10 on up!

What do I get if I donate to Columbia Springs during Give More 24!

Besides the knowledge that you are supporting our inclusive science and nature programs? Besides a warm, fuzzy feeling? You get a personalized “Thank You” note from a student and our staff, acknowledgement in our annual report, and you can participate in one of the fun events we have on the 22nd! Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

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