Columbia Springs

High Heat Guidelines


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What do we do in extreme heat?

Your safety is our first priority! 


As the summer temperatures rise you may be worried about adventuring outdoors at Columbia Springs. Rest assured that we keep a close eye on weather conditions and adjust our programming appropriately.

In the event that the heat index rises to extreme or dangerous levels we may make the decision to modify or cancel our events, camps, field trips, or volunteer opportunities until conditions become safe again. Registered participants will be notified by email as soon as these decisions are made, and we will make sure to announce this on our social media as well.

heat index

The following heat index guidelines will be followed in all of our programs, except when temperatures rise above 105°F. In that case all programs will be cancelled regardless of where conditions fall on the heat index.

Blue – Programming proceeds. Be sure to hydrate well and rest if you are feeling overheated.

Yellow – Programming proceeds with caution, especially for young or sensitive groups. Take more frequent water and shade breaks and limit physical activity.

OrangeProgramming will be modified to allow for safe activities. Duration of exposure should be shortened and intensity should be limited. Programming will be cancelled for young or sensitive groups.

RedProgramming cancelled to avoid heat stroke.


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