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Stewardship Resources
We want to help you understand and steward the natural world! Here are some examples of what we do and some tools that you can use at home. 
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Going Green

Here’s what Columbia Springs does to be Green


We use old yogurt containers and old newspapers to make planters. This activity allows kids to grow microgreens in our recycled containers with our “homemade” onsite compost.


All our staff participate in an onsite compost program. Compost created onsite is used for activities at community events and site maintenance projects.


We provide added habitat and food (other than what our 100-acre natural can provide!) for local birds with the presence of a number of birdhouses and bird feeders on our site. We recently became a part of a Douglas Squirrel rescue program and now have housing and food for squirrels as well.

Rain Collection

We have a rain-barrel installed in a garden demonstration site that we use to water our plants during the summer. This is a great example of how to garden without increasing your water bill.

Green Materials

Cleaning of all facilities is done by staff using our handmade green cleaning kits. We use microfiber clothes for all our cleaning so we don’t need to dispose of paper towels after a cleaning project. We even painted our new Visitors Center with recycled paint.


We love planting trees (and shrubs and herbaceous plants). When we do, we plant native trees that are well suited to this environment and require little water inputs. We use our compost and mulch on all our newly planted landscaping to enhance moisture retention, continuing to decrease the need for water during times of hot weather.

Stewardship Resources

We build strong watersheds that in turn help us build strong and resilient communities. Help build your community today!

Healthy watersheds provide more ecosystem services to our communities; ecosystem services include providing clean water and air, regulating localized climates, increasing resilience to disturbances like fires, floods, and windstorms, and cycle nutrients needed for food crops and animals.

You can be an environmental steward in your own backyard by planting trees, removing invasive species and putting up bird feeders or bat houses.

The American Psychological Association supports the findings of the positive impacts nature has on our attitudes, development, mental disorders, etc., saying, “Increasing evidence demonstrates the many benefits of nature on psychological and physical well-being, including reduced stress, greater physical health, more creativity, and improved concentration.”

“Outdoor activities can help alleviate symptoms of Alzheimers, dementia, stress, and depression, and can improve cognitive function in those recently diagnosed with breast cancer.” – University of Washington College of the Environment

Sign up for a Stewardship Saturday event to help us protect and restore the natural area at Columbia Springs!

Washington State Parks Junior Ranger Program

Connect with parks all over WA state to learn how to protect them through fun activities!

Leave No Trace Guidelines

Leave the world better than you found it! We follow these guidelines and you can too.

Thayer Birding Software - free download

Learn to identify and protect birds in your area with the code ColumbiaSpringsYoungBirder.