This year, Columbia Springs will see over 4,400 grade school students for science-based field trips. We saw several hundred people onsite at family-friendly events, workshops, Guided Hikes, and Stewardship Saturdays. Our staff connected with thousands at community events like Columbia River Watershed Fest and OMSI After Dark. Our programs are achieving our mission to educate the community about Nature and inspire stewardship by reaching over 10,000 people this year.

When I was hired to be the Executive Director nearly a year ago, I had little idea how much work went into Columbia Springs. This small and mighty staff partners with a core of incredibly dedicated volunteers and dozens of financial supporters to ensure excellent environmental education if offered equitably to Clark County residents. Columbia Springs does a big job, and it does it with great care. Everyone involved with Columbia Springs is so important to realizing the mission.

Columbia Springs’ work is made possible by our financial supporters. Consistent support from our partners, donors, and granters is the reason we have been here for fifteen years and will continue on for years to come.

Thank you so much for your generosity and have a happy Thanksgiving!