Columbia Springs is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Development Director, Dave Eitland. The role of Development Director is being supported by a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. The goal of the new position is to greatly increase charitable giving in all its forms at Columbia Springs and thereby, taking our programs to a new level.

Eitland has thirty years of philanthropic experience, with a focus on individual giving and creating or improving philanthropic programs. Columbia Springs welcomes Eitland after a thorough search for the best candidate to fit with its unique mission and culture.

“Columbia Springs is a great natural treasure to the Vancouver community and worthy of philanthropic support. Educating over 6,000 school children each year is truly amazing. I can envision the greater things we could do at Columbia Springs with more financial donations. Teaching the love of nature is one of best things we can pass to our children!” according to Eitland.

Thank you Dave for joining our team!

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