It’s that time of year again! Animal babies of many species are being reared at Columbia Springs. The latest resident to hatch a brood is our blonde mallard duck. Mama duck has ten ducklings following her around West Biddle Lake right now. If one is quiet and still she may even swim up close enough to get a photo. I’ve also spotted baby bunnies and a fawn.

High up in the trees the persistent chirps of baby robins let us know the canopy is a nursery too. In fact our entire site now seems to be a playground for the wildlife population living in the hundred acres of green space. What this shows us is an urban park can be a thriving part of nature tucked into the boundaries of a human population.

Columbia Springs is the place to connect with nature. One can enjoy watching the adorable ducklings swimming happily around East or West Biddle Lake or catch a glimpse of a fawn on Heron Loop or Cedar Circle Trails. Just a short drive or ride from home, our site is convenient for nearly anyone living in Vancouver. Though beautiful any time of year, this season in particular surprising and delightful at Columbia Springs.

We have free parking and are open dawn to dusk for the public. Check out the “Visit” page for a site map.

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