Hi, we’re the outreach interns for Columbia Springs this summer, Samuel (Left), Jaylen (Middle), and Megan (right)!


Samuel at hatchery

A little bit about me, Samuel, is that I’ve been recruited for this internship through the AFS Hutton Scholar program. I like hanging out with my three dogs and caring for my aquarium! I also play baritone and tenor saxophone and piano. So far, my time with Columbia Springs has been filled with amazing experiences!

I became a Hutton Scholar for Columbia Springs because I wanted to share my interest in marine science while also immersing myself in the fisheries profession. My time at Columbia Springs has given me skills and connections that I am grateful for.

For instance, I was able to spend a day with Brian Harvard, the Hatchery Manager at Columbia Springs! He taught me how to survey large populations of fish, clean circular fish farms, and feed according to average fish weight data.



Hey, my name is Jaylen! I became an intern at Columbia Springs through a class at Clark College to learn more about marketing and how I can improve as an employee. I enjoy fishing, baseball, photography, and playing video games.

I recently applied for an internship at Columbia Springs because I’ve always been interested in learning about different types of fish and wildlife. I’m enjoying my time here so far! I’ve been learning about how they market themselves through social media and community events to engage with their audience and get the word out about their mission. As an intern, I often help create social media posts/reels to interact with the audience and attract attention to Columbia Springs and what they have to offer. I have really enjoyed experiencing it so far!

Field trips
Hank the Heron

Hey! I’m Megan and I am so thankful to be an outreach intern at Columbia Springs.

My favorite thing about this internship so far has been learning more about Columbia Springs itself as an environmental education nonprofit and their mission. Throughout each year, there is a beautifully diverse amount of events that happen at Columbia Springs that share the message of uniting to offer a unique setting and educational experiences that foster a greater awareness of the natural world and inspire stewardship. 

From the field trips where hundreds of elementary schoolers across the area get to stop by to learn hands-on about the life cycle of salmon in the Pacific Northwest to the ReLit upcycled lamp-making event, where I’ve seen displays of some of the coolest lamps ever! There’s an event for every type of person, and you’re sure to gain a great experience out of it.

And of course, the amount of various wildlife species at Columbia Springs is absolutely remarkable. Visiting is an excellent way of immersing yourself in the outdoor world and being able to learn about all the species that call it their home, from otters to salmon to beavers to great blue herons!

As an outreach intern, many of my responsibilities take place behind a screen rather than out in the wilderness. I work both remotely and at the location to help out with digital publications. My first day in-person at Columbia Springs was great. I got to interact with so many friendly and helpful people. I even taste-tested desserts for an upcoming event! The skills I will learn from this internship will help me so much as I continue off to higher education and beyond. I can’t wait to see where my journey at Columbia Springs takes me