As we approach the close of this remarkable year, I’m deeply moved by the incredible support and friendship that you, our wonderful supporters, have showered upon us. In this season of wonder and gratitude, I am inspired to reflect upon the extraordinary impact we’ve achieved together and the journey that awaits us. Your unwavering support for Columbia Springs has been truly magical. Your belief in our mission to nurture environmental stewardship and education has been the spark guiding us forward, empowering us to achieve milestones and create a meaningful difference in the communities we deeply care about.

This past year, your contributions have fueled our programs, enabling us to adapt, innovate, and reach new heights despite the challenges that have arisen. Your support has facilitated virtual workshops, outdoor experiences, and vital community outreach efforts, all of which have touched countless lives and fostered a deeper connection to the natural world.

As we stand on the cusp of a new year filled with promise and potential, I humbly ask for your continued partnership. Your ongoing support is crucial in sustaining our mission and expanding our reach. Together, we can continue to create meaningful change, inspire future generations, and ensure the preservation of our environment for years to come. Your friendship and support have been the key to our success, and I invite you to keep walking this magical path alongside us. Your contribution, no matter the size, directly fuels our efforts in environmental education, conservation, and community engagement. In the spirit of this season of giving, I extend my deepest gratitude for your past support and warmly invite you to keep lighting that spark of curiosity within our incredible community.

Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday season sprinkled with wonder, joy, and countless magical moments.

With heartfelt appreciation,


Executive Director

Columbia Springs


Photo credits: Paul Peloquin