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Welcome to the Volunteer Center! On this page you will find a calendar of our upcoming events and ways to sign up, an hours submission form, additional training resources, and more!

Sign up for upcoming Events

We use Sign to manage our upcoming events, which include outreach, service, and special events. In addition, you will find the schedule for our Visitor Center, as well as additional volunteer projects that you can sign up for. Clicking the button below will take you to the Columbia Springs Sign Up page.

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Upcoming Events

Below are upcoming events where we need volunteers. Please click on an event to find out more.

submit Your Hours!

We do our best to track volunteer hours. However, occasionally we need your help to keep track of all the good work you do. Please fill out the form below when you are volunteering with us outside of our events. This may include:

  • When you work on a project on your own time
  • When you work on a presentation, walk, activity, or lesson
  • Hours you give towards committee meetings, projects, and events

At Columbia Springs

Additional Resources

Browse the resources below. Each category will take you to a Google Drive folder. From there, you can download, read, and browse documents, powerpoints, and more.


Current volunteer handbook and position descriptions.

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Find training powerpoints and additional training resources

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Guided Walks

Find guided walk outlines and materials.

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Interpretive Activities

Activity outlines and materials

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Volunteer Committee

Find meeting information

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Submit photos to Columbia Springs.

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Additional Resources

Find more links and articles.

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Sign Up

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