Columbia Springs (CS) invites qualified contractors to provide construction services based upon the attached specifications, to begin the implementation of the reconstruction of West Biddle Lake dam. The intent is to select one firm (or one team) to provide services.

Completed Proposals will be received by email addressed to Katherine Cory, Executive Director (katherine@columbiasprings.orguntil Friday, January 14th, at 5:00pm local time.  Email Katherine to request most recent bid document.

A required pre-proposal site walk will be held at Columbia Springs, Vancouver, WA 98683, commencing at the public parking lot at the main entrance to Columbia Springs, on December 16th, 2021 at 11 AM. Attendance is required for firms planning to submit a proposal for the reconstruction of West Biddle Lake Dam and supporting infrastructure. The objective of the preproposal conference is to provide an informal meeting to discuss the contents of the RFP in detail and clarify any questions potential proposers may have. In addition, this conference will give proposers an opportunity to meet with project staff and review current site conditions.

The Request for Proposal will soon be posted on our website:

View the 90% design drawings here.

The selected contractor shall provide construction services to remove and replace the existing West Biddle Lake Dam and supporting infrastructure. The anticipated services include excavation, demolition and construction of a concrete dam, spillway and other supporting infrastructure. To assist in the productivity of this meeting, it is requested that questions or areas of clarification be submitted, in writing, as soon as possible to the person listed as the official contact. Statements made by CS are not binding unless confirmed by written addendum.

Columbia Springs’ programs, services, employment opportunities, and volunteer positions and contracts are open to all persons without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, handicap, political affiliation, or other protected class.


Following is an overview of the project:

The West Biddle Lake Dam is in the process of failing due to age, is not seismically rated, and is documented as leaking through the face, below and around the current structure. This project will construct a replacement dam, spillway, and crossing for the 100-year-old undocumented dam, which was constructed prior to the Historic Vancouver Trout Hatchery opening in 1938. The dam was likely constructed in 1920 by parties of Spencer Biddle as part of the construction of Biddle Lake (now West and East Biddle Lakes) for the purposes of rearing fish. It currently spans approximately 85’10” in length.

This replacement dam will span approximately 98’ in length and will be keyed into the existing bedrock below. The re-engineered spillway will allow for more efficient fish rearing operations. A new crossing will create more accessible site recreation. This project ensures the longevity of fish rearing, a key component of Columbia Springs’ success, in partnership with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, with funding provided by the Taxpayers of the State of Washington.


Please email the project manager (Katherine Cory) if you are planning on attending so you can receive the RFP packet of materials. Many thanks for your time and interest.


Katherine Cory

Executive Director


P: 360-882-0936 x 221

C: 360-919-3165